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Turning 50 can be tough for a burger. But not for the legendary Big Mac! We designed an AR effect that let McDonald’s celebrate their burger’s anniversary with fans and friends using dedicated Facebook Camera Effect and many more fun-boosters using a Messenger Chatbot!

PlayStation God of War

The new God of War installment was a highly anticipated video game. With PlayStation’s Facebook Camera Effect, everybody got the opportunity to become God of War’s main character. The front camera turned user into Kratos with his freezing breath and the rear-view one, allowed you to test your skills in aim-and-shoot AR game!

Red Bull

Red Bull held a two-day Red Bull 111 Megawatt event for motorbike freaks in PGE Mine. And like with everything the brand does, this time they wanted to give fans something creative and thrilling. Using it, everyone could wear a special helmet motorbike riders are known from and participate in the event. Try it!


Pol’and’Rock Festival rocks! Jump straight into the mud thanks to this Facebook Camera Effect created with Play!


Christmas is the best time to think about others. And that’s what Coca-Cola has done with its #BeSanta campaign. With Christmas Facebook Camera Effect we wanted to inspire heart-warming behavior, infect people with optimism, and fill the world with more happiness. Check out how!

Nespresso Dolce Gusto

A morning without a coffee? No way! Nescafe presents their new coffee machine – Dolce Gusto Infinissima – in an unusual way. Take a look at a 3D model of the new Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffee machine and choose which design fits your kitchen!


One of this year’s hottest TV premiers was the next season of Lucifer. The story of handsome Lucifer Morningstar was anticipated by many who got seduced by him. Transform yourself into the king of hell by putting a Lucifer AR Effect on.

The Young Pope

How to promote The Young Pope, a hit TV series directed by an Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino? By letting the holy light shine on your face making each and every fan’s next selfie extraordinary! Open your mouth and receive a halo as a symbol of sanctity. #BLESSYOURSELF


Play this AR game created for Reserved for the launch of the new collection! How many points can you get?


Smokey eye, evening or daily make-up. Which one is best for you? Or maybe you like all of them? Check out this colourful experience with SEMILAC Facebook Camera Effect and design your favorite look. Choosing make-up kit has never been that simple!


Nissan as UEFA Champions League titular sponsor decided to engage their fans by presenting a chatbot campaign with AR mysterious ticket contest. Check out how it worked!


What is the best way to cheer your favorite e-sport team? Wearing an interactive 3D mask! Feel the burning fire and the real black smoke with AGO AR effect.


The one and only chance to become Harland David Sanders, the world-renowned KFC founder is here! Type in your name using exclusively designed keyboard. Then rise your eyebrows to change your glasses and bowtie, while taking those legendary selfies.

National Geographic

Say hello on the occasion of #50YearsMoonCheckIn with National Geographic AR Effect! Does your spacesuit fit? 😉

Discovery Channel

Bieszczady Mountains; non-urbanized areas covered with natural forest, that have always attracted freedom seekers, adventurers, loners and survivors. Get that pure free-spirit feeling by becoming a nature yourself with the full 3D Camera Effect designed for Discovery Channel.


With Long4Lashes Facebook Camera Effect you can actually see how the whole one-month serum treatment looks like! Make an impression and become a goddess of long lashes.


Egyptian Ministry of Tourism wanted to promote their country amongst youngsters and free-spirited travelers. How? With Faraon’s special headgear in AR effect, which was created for both Facebook and Snapchat. Take a look at this extraordinary fan’s support!

Jess Glynne

What is the best way to promote the new single? By using Snapchat AR Effect! Sing ‘One Touch’ by Jess Glyne, put her sunglasses on and feel the vibe!

PlayStation Days Gone

Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with this Facebook Camera Effect created for premiere of PS4 exclusive Days Gone video game. Don’t forget to switch the camera and get your chopper ready!


With launch of its new Honor 10 smartphone, the brand wanted to get people into its own world. See the Northern Lights using a special Facebook Camera Effect. No teleportation skills needed!


Ho, ho, ho! In the spirit of Christmas, Avon decided to launch a very special Facebook Camera Effect with main Christmas heroes – elf accompanied by a snowball with snowman, Santa (or Mrs. Santa :)) and a cute reindeer. Try it now and send Kisses for Christmas to your loved ones like our elf-influencers.

Discovery Chopper

Have you ever dreamed about riding a chopper through California’s highways? With our Facebook Camera Effect, made for Discovery Channel, you could get the true feeling of American Chopper. Wear the stylish bandana, grow an impressive mustache, hop on the chopper, and just say the word…


Orbit wanted to make people feel more motivated. To boost confidence and wellbeing, Orbit launched a #TimeToShine campaign, which was focused on emphasizing positive attitudes, even in situations that seem uncomfortable or awkward. With a simple gesture, which is raising eyebrow, you get an inspirational and dedicated quote!


In 2018, Cheetos’ brand hero Chester went in full-fashion mode. Catch up with the latest fashion trends set by Chester using the AR effect by Cheetos. It’s surprising how good you look wearing chips!


Christmas is a magic time. We want to spread love and kindness to everybody. On that occasion, Tymbark decided to create Facebook Camera Effect in which everybody can make children’s dream come true. The only thing the users had to do was a selfie with a chosen effect. Look how simple it was!


Subway has a very engaged fanbase. To deliver something new to its audience, the brand decided to prepare an AR game and organize a contest. Turn on the dedicated Facebook Camera Effect, launch the game and go all-you-can-eat mode.

The Plague / Epic Drama

The Epic Drama channel was premiering The Plague TV series with a dedicated AR effect. Put the plague doctor mask on and imagine what it would be like to live in 17th century. Pretty crazy, huh?


Puma wanted to give a last goodbye to one of their top assets in football environment. Tomáš Rosický had been a long-time contractor for the brand. Using this AR effect, everyone was able to become the Little Mozart with a shirt of one of the teams he was playing during his career.


GLO your world with an amazing and colorful AR Effect! Open mouth to jump into green and purple space and feel the mint and forest fruits flavour.


In 2018, Orange provided a special offer for their clients just in time for the 2018 World Cup. No matter where you were, you probably wanted to support your national team. How? With a cheering hat, scarf and flags painted on your face by an amazing Facebook Camera Effect. Go Poland!


For 2018 World Cup Samsung Poland chose to give their Facebook fans a special opportunity to test their own football skills with an AR keepie-uppie game and win the new Galaxy S9 as a prize. Score at least 3 points and challenge your friends via a Messenger chatbot!


Just in for the summer wave of vacation leaves, Nationale-Nederlanden decided to launch a campaign on Messenger with additional use of Facebook Camera Effect. The idea was to present the special offer for travelers using a chatbot and encourage users to take part in contest by choosing one of the unique AR masks.


Bakoma launched its summer campaign encouraging everyone to #TWISTYOURSELF by making some positive changes during vacation. Twist yourself with one of ten headgears and see which taste of Bakoma yogurts fits you best.

The Voice

Everybody can sing, right? Try your hand in a very famous show – The Voice! Slovakia & Czech Republic wanted to engage their fans by music activation with AR Creative Studio on Facebook. Check out the results!

HBO Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper has always been a significant character in the world of TV and comedy in general. That’s why many were hyped to see the Young Sheldon series launched on HBO. Go back to the early days of the Big Band Theory lead and dig into the mind and personality of the legend.

Mountain View

Mountain View is among Egypt’s leading private property development companies. The company is known for its innovative and creative approach. To boost its awareness and visibility, Mountain View launched a special AR effect in Egypt. Wear the crown and become the king of your property!

Pekao S.A.

Cash rules everything around. “Try on” the best loan for you! Change sceneries in one AR effect and see which purpose suits your needs best with the playful Bank Pekao S.A. Facebook Camera Effect.

The Doors

Sing along one of The Doors greatest hits – ‘Touch Me’! Stope the rain and look at the stars using this Facebook Camera Effect.

PlayStation Classic

Feel like a 90s games hero! Choose if you wanna be a Tekken 3 fighter, Ridge Racer Type 4 driver or Resident Evil zombie. Check out all backgrounds from the legendary games in our special AR effect.


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