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Calvin Klein

An AR experience to complement the energetic and enigmatic visuals of the CK EVERYONE fragrance’s global campaign, inspired by the many aspects of self and boldly embracing a collective individuality with a raw claim: “I am one, I am many. I love everyone of me.” You too can be the expression of this proclamation!

Netflix BoJack Horseman

The best way to promote the premiere of a new show or a movie? Let its fans promote it for you! Our AR effect for Netflix’s notoriously hilarious animated series allowed Instagram users to do just that – become Bojack’s impersonators and share it in their stories with their friends.


The first campaign use of the in-feed AR ad in EMEA region brought Coca-Cola’s Christmas spirit right to the Facebook newsfeed in the form of the iconic polar bear. Our virtual, 3D, friendly beast danced and struck poses just as well as any real social media influencer!

adidas Superstar

The modern incarnation of the classic Superstar sneaker deserved a state-of-the-art digital marketing solution. Our studio delivered just that – an AR experience distributed directly in the FB newsfeed – the front camera featured a set of branded frames closely resembling campaign’s distinctive key visual, and for the back camera we designed a basketball-like game.

Leroy Merlin

With Facebook’s in-feed AR ads the future of e-commerce is already here. First, check how the furniture from the latest outdoor catalogue looks like in your own garden, change its colors, try different setups, and then head to the e-store with just one click to complete your purchase.

Puma RS-X³

Puma RS-X³ kicks take things to a new level: cubed, enhanced, extra. Just like our eye-blink-controlled AR platform game, which also features an uber-cool sneaker showcase in your smartphone’s back camera.


Turning 50 can be tough – but not for the legendary Big Mac! We designed an AR effect that let everyone turn into McDonald’s classic burger to celebrate its anniversary. Additional fun birthday activities were delivered by us in brand’s Messenger chatbot.

National Geographic

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind… and just one tap on your smartphone screen to access National Geographic’s AR effect that sends you to the moon in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Silver Globe landing.

Domino’s Pizza

Use your head and face movements to catch as many pizza slices in your mouth as you can in this ultimate pizza-lover AR game. Because the more you catch, the higher your discount code that you receive at the end of the gameplay – to use for your next pizza order!


Pump up the volume on the Christmas vibes with JBL’s Pulse 4 glowing speaker! Better yet – see how it feels to actually be the most hyped-up and talked-about gadget in the game. Put on our Instagram AR effect, play your favorite holiday tune, and #LetItGlow, #LetItGlow, #LetItGlow, …


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